Bit Heroes Hack – Unlimited Gems and Gold


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The two main currencies of Bit Heroes are Gold and Gems. Other than these, Energy and PvP Tickets are the main resources of the game. Some of the common resources of Bit Heroes are Trial Tokens, Stat Points, PvP Coins, Crafting Materials, and Guild Honor. Most of these resources will recharge gradually in the game while others need to be earned, however all of them can be easily generated with Bit Heroes Hack.



Gold is the primary currency of the game that can be used for creating guilds, upgrading equipments, winning over Familiars, Fusing, purchasing rare items, etc. With Gold, you can trade items, buy them from the game shop, or dungeon merchants.

How To Obtain Gold:

The easiest way to acquire Gold is to use Bit Heroes Hack or by opening chests in dungeons and raids. You can even explore and acquire Gold bags, Gold coins, and Gold pots from raids and dungeons. When you win a PvP match, you will earn Gold. Signing in the game every day will make you acquire Gold. If you win fights in dungeons and raids, then you can earn a good amount of Gold. Try to watch several video ads and earn Gold as rewards. Moreover, you can even purchase Gold by spending Gems.


Gems are the special currency of the game that can be used for bribing Familiars, purchasing items from game shop, buying Epic items from dungeons merchants and purchasing energy, tickets, shards, tokens, etc.

How To Obtain Gems:

To acquire Gems in the game, you need to explore the dungeons and raids. Over there, you will come across Gems, Gem bags, and Gem pots. You can even earn Gems by opening chests in raids and dungeons. If you craft 300 Bronze + 20 Silver + 1 Gold you can get 20 Gems. If you don’t want to struggle simply give a try to Bit Heroes Hack.

Earn rewards in the form of Gems by completing PvP and Trials events. You can even earn Gems by signing to the game daily after playing for 2 to 7 consecutive days. Some video ads will also let you earn Gems. Moreover, if you are still falling short of Gems in the game then you can purchase it by spending real world money.


You will need Energy to attempt Flags or Dungeons on the Quest Map. A dungeon can be cleared once by using Energy. However, if you want to play the game that has higher difficulty level and provides greater rewards, then you can clear the same dungeon again by spending more Energy. Energy regenerates at the rate of one every 4 minutes and it has a maximum of 99 player level.

Some other ways to acquire Energy are by earning rewards for completing dungeons or flags for the first time. 100 Bronze + 3 Silver crafted together will give you 20 Energy. After playing the game for 3 consecutive days, if you login daily then you can earn Energy as reward. Some video ads too provide Energy so don’t forget to watch them. You can even purchase Energy by spending Gems and as you already know Gems can be acquired with Bit Heroes Hack.

PvP Tickets:

If you want to participate in a PvP match, then you need to have PvP Tickets. For every match, you need to use 1 or 2 Tickets. If you win the matches, you will earn points in the PvP rankings for weekly rewards as well as PvP Coins. These Coins can be crafted into several other kinds of game currencies.

You can hold a maximum of 10 Tickets each time. These Tickets can be regenerated every 45 minutes. To refill completely, it will require 7.5 hours. Crafting 100 Bronze + 3 Silver will give you 2 Tickets. If you play the game for 8 consecutive days then you can earn Tickets for signing daily. Some video ads will also reward Tickets.

Final Verdict:

To conclude, you should give this game a shot! I have given Bit Heroes 5 out of 5 on the rating scale. And if you combine Bit Heroes Cheats with this game, you will enjoy it at the maximum!